Mar 24

A message from the SPYA board

Dear SPYA members

It’s been an odd year and many of us haven’t seen each other for a long time. Everyone has been juggling lots of change and challenges, and we’ve found new ways of working together. Despite the pandemic, here in the Yukon our industry is seeing promising growth. While the sector elsewhere has struggled, our local industry’s scale and adaptability has been our strength. 

Our volunteer board and part-time executive director continue to focus on concrete ways to support your businesses, help build your skills, and strategically develop our industry. Over the past year we had to change our tactics, but we continue to keep members informed, advocate for industry and deliver programming. Thank you to Yukon Media Development and CanNor for supporting a broad range of training programs offered by SPYA over the past 12 months.

SPYA members are involved in producing, creating and servicing feature films, commercial videos, documentaries, series, film festivals, music videos, animations, short films, and digital productions across all genres. It’s a challenge to represent the needs of a diverse, developing industry in this unique place with its range of capacity and talent. But we all have much in common: we are building careers and businesses in screen media, we are creative professionals, and we are interdependent. Our ability to adapt and collaborate is key to success in the Yukon.  

It’s membership renewal time and we encourage you to contact Moira ( to join or renew. We look forward to gathering again for happy hours and festivals and mingling on sets and attending lunchtime talks. Hopefully those days are coming soon.

Teresa Earle and Kelly Milner

SPYA co-chairs