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Don Watt

Art Department, Props


I can build, fabricate, construct, find, locate, order, and set dress for ‘in front of camera’ work. I work well with others and can follow instructions.

I have worked as a props maker, props master, set designer, set decorator, assistant art director, art director, and have done a some special effects in ice and snow.

I work mostly in productions being shot in Yukon such as:

Revolver Films
Agency: Feast Interactive
Sylvania ZXE "Great White Lights"
Creative Director: Rob Vena
Director: Ante Kovac
Producer: Rory Halsall
Art Department
March 17 to 21, 2015

Brudder Productions
YG Tourism commercial
Props and Wardrobe wrangler
January 9 to 12, 2015

Entertainment Partners Canada
Portage Productions 2 Ltd.
“Amazing Race Canada”
Art Director
May 2014

Entertainment Partners Canada
Insight – Marathon Ltd
“Amazing Race Canada”
April/May 2013

The Capital Media Company Inc.
“Russian Olympics” commercial
April 2013

KT Produktion/ Means of Production
“Timberland” commercials
PM Katharina Trachsler
Oct. 2012

Circle Productions
“Goldrush” commercials
Aug . 2012

Darlow Smithson – Highgate Studios
I Shouldn’t Be Alive
Two Episodes – “Everest” & “Snowmobiling in Quebec”
Nov. - Feb. 2010

2 Guys and a Map Productions Ltd.
“Yukonic: the Map, the Gold, and the Girl”
summer and winter shoots in 2010

RCJ Yukon
Red Coat Justice - Feature Film
July /August 2009

Partners Film
Versus Country Commercials (8)
July 2008

Gearhead Entertainment Ltd.
“Lexus Ice Cones”
PM Tracey Nomura
Dec. 2004


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  • Nancy Niksic Production Designer T (416) 596-8118 x 437 C (416) 738-7823
  • Robert Toohey Location Manager (604) 989-3310
  • Tracey Nomura Production Manager (604) 916-2824
  • 867-332-3669
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Don Watt